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What is EMSF Brokerage event?

The place to be for Research institution, Universities, SMEs, Industrials willing to meet partners to develop R&D, technological, subcontracting collaborations or business partnership in the field of supercritical fluids. During one to one pre arranged meeting participant will have the chance to present their skills and expand their business.

Thematic focuses:

The EMSF 2014 Brokerage event focus on current technologies using supercritical fuilds and their different applications.

Supercritical Fluid Technologies targeted:
Food products processing with SCF, Nutraceutical products processing with SCF, Pharmaceutical & cosmetic products processing with SCF, Medical devices processing by supercritical fluids and subcritical fluids, Micro-electronics,Ceramics, Catalysts, Paints, Textiles, Insulation, Aerogels, Biomass valorization (such as algae) biofuel production using supercritical fluids, Waste remediation, recycling and/or valorization, gasification, liquefaction, chemical and biochemical reactions in sub- and supercritical media, iobased raw materials, alternative solvents, catalysis and  biocatalysis

Application sectors:
Life and Sustainable Health
Elaboration of innovative materials
Energy and Environment
Green Chemistry
Supercritical Fluid properties, Thermodynamics and Analytics (Chromatography)
Processes (Extraction, Fractionation, Particle generation/Particle design, Impregnation, Sterilization, Purification)


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Why to participate:

  • Present your projects/ technologies/ products on the event‘s website and during bilateral meetings
  • Learn about latest technologies, products and solutions from international participants
  • Identify partners and establish contacts for R&D, technology or business partnerships
  • Meet partners for EU-projects ( H2020, Eurostar …)


ABOUT European meeting on Supercritical Fuilds:

More than 400 participants from all over the world are expected to attend this bi annual conference whose aim is to present cutting edge technologies in field of super critical fluids.

So take the change to meet them during bilateral meetings!


An event organised by:


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With the financial support of our Partners:

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How it works

  • Registered participants will be able to request unique individual business meetings with exhibitors.
  • Meeting requests must be confirmed by both sides in order to be scheduled
  • Shortly before the event, each participan...
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You can register in 3 easy steps:

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